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Year: 2006

My ‘Ah Gong’ passed away

My ‘Ah Gong’ passed away

Was reading email from sister, a very supportive message from the beginning of the email,

i think parents rather you to resign and stay at malaysia. Never mind lah, find job after you back to malaysia.

Was very overwhelmed with their understanding, as I expect they must be scolding me for leaving my job, without worrying about my financial ability.

But the next paragraph of the content gave me a shock,

Half way writting this letter, mother called me informed that grandfather passed away just now at 26/12/06, noon

I am so sorry that I am not with the family at that moment. Just like when Ah Mah passed away, I was only at the ceremony for a while 🙁 to rush for STPM exam the next day.
I quickly call sister, guilt in my heart while talking to her, made me feel so bad.
Feeling guilty because I was supposed to visit Ah Gong during my days in KL last month, sister has been reminding me again and again but everytime i will have reason to break my promise :(:( Her words really apply to the situation now,
“if you don’t go see him now, then you wan to see when he’s not here anymore?”
Even now when he’s not here anymore, I can’t see him for the last time!
But sister didn’t scold me even a word, she just told me the situation. She even put me to talk to brother, he was there when it happened. He said Ah Gong suppose to undergo operation but even before the operation, his heart had already stopped.
In the end, siser just told me ‘no need come back la, call father and tell him’.
Then I called father’s mobile,

bad daughter : ‘wey wey, ah pa? ong lea si ah…’
mother : ‘wey wey? u calling from england? are u alright?’
bad daughter : ‘yes yes, in London now, I am fine, I am alright’
mother : ‘you don’t have to come back, never mind..’
(heard father keeps saying ‘no need come back, no need come back’
mother : ‘thats all la, nothing la’

That’s my parents…they worry the phone charge will be very high, so they just make it as short as possible. I luv my family. Each and everyone of them. And I miss them so much now.

微笑 Pasta : 笑一笑没什么大不了

微笑 Pasta : 笑一笑没什么大不了

Merry Christmas! It’s a lonely Christmas for me again, yes, a lonely Christmas in London…can you imagine it? I didn’t expect myself to end up like this too, but when I do not have the right mood, everything spoilt.

Just spent 2 days 2 nights watching this Taiwanese series,
“微笑 Pasta” by 張棟樑 and 王心凌.

A typical taiwanese idol series, the main reason i chose this series to spend my time is because of 張棟樑. I am kinda proud that this Malaysian born singer made it to the taiwan entertainment circle quite successful. Although I think his acting is weak compare to 王心凌, but as first timer, still ok loh…

I have watched, i think hundreds of hong kong + taiwan + korean + japanese series, since I’m still a kid. The last one I have watched before the disaster was “女人唔易做”. Everything started from this series. Because of this series, I changed my point of view towards 姐弟恋. Because I put this as my MSN message, *we* started. But since the failed relationship, I never have the courage to watch anymore tv series. Downloaded ‘The Hostpital’ by Jerry Yan but never did I brave enough to start watching it. Each and every romantic scenes made me recalled of him. I dare not, especially when I was in Beijing.
This time I tried. I watched Smiling Pasta, but it didn’t escape from thinking while watching. But then I suddenly realised, the feeling has lighten! It’s faded! Is that a good news? I only remember the feeling when we were together. I forgot how he looks like….:) yes, time will heals…as the series goes,


Typical fairy tale, charming prince came into the rescue of an ugly duckling that transformed into beautiful swan. Well, everytime after watching such series, I used to be very excited, dreaming, fantasize my own prince will appear soon…such as DaoMing Si in Meteor Garden, Ah Meng in Devil Beside You…but too bad, this time, I don’t have such thinking anymore.
Imagine the animation where ongki is dreaming and a bubble speech dialogue appears on top of the head, showing ongki and prince together. Suddenly, the prince turned into a terrifying and scarying monster, which keep haunting over ongki, lift her up, and throw her on the floor. Ongki didn’t manage to escape, too weak…bruises everywhere, heart broken for being dumpped, eyes swollen from crying too much. Ongki is still an ugly duckling and yelling for help but no one can help her now except herself. Bruises will get healed as time goes by, *only if noone came and put salt onto the wounds anymore*.
Please, whoever out there who thinks I deserve to be treaten like this, who thinks I should be hurt forever, what i wish to say is I am sorry. I am really sorry for what happened. Please let me go, please dun leave such hurtful comments to my blog entries. I am very tired, exhausted, I am too tired to mend my broken heart liao…dun put salt anymore, ok?

You won…you have won everything.

You can insult me but not my friends….

You can insult me but not my friends….

Mon, Dec 18th 2006, 10:03 PM
anounymous: tell u what, their msgs are copy and paste one.. just to make you feel better

Dear Mr/Ms anounymous,

Whether they are copy and pasting is not important, that is not the point, and that is not the message that reached my heart.
You got it right, they are trying to make me feel better!
I did, I am so grateful and thank god that I have these friends. But it is not because of what they wrote in their sentence, its because of their sincere heart to at least visit my site and read my story and the effort of *copy and paste* (but I believe they aren’t).

I am a girl seriously low in confidence, often question myself if I really own those that belongs to me, but I know I am lucky, I do have plenty of good friends there, who will always give me support, give me shoulder to cry on…..they are honest to me and so do I honest with them…

“……would like to advice you, since you had realize you ignore your true friend in the past, just change your regret into love and start to send your fren a “hi” or drop some words to them. We will always welcome you.”

“…..sorry for your sad story but lets turn the page and start a new story of life….! Miss you too………..and the others here!”

“…..If u got any problem.. u can chat with us.. coz we r BESIDE U!!!! OK?”

“…..dont think much..keep yourself happy…go around london and spend sometime around there…U’r very fortunate to be there…okie…”

“…..haih…..if now….a fellow comes to me n tell me how to make miss ongki happy….i will pay him wif all my money in my wallet now…”

“Ongki, U r not alone, if u need a willing ear…U can have mine….FREE OF CHARGE….If u need a shoulder to cry on…………..”

“…… diu 9 nei lar.. sei cheap yeh.. hou sam… as i say leave some dignity… and c how thg goes in future… really cannot live without him meh? “

I trust them….even that person who hurt me, I still think he doesn’t mean to be mean to me, just that he sees me wrongly…but he is the only person in this world who made me rubbed my eyes and ask myself If i am dreaming…

Resigned after a year

Resigned after a year

Yes, sent a resignation email to Vincent and Ms Heng.

…This decision is purely due to personal reason and has nothing to do with the company

Ms Heng,

… alright..since u have decided, I have to accept it eventhough I really do not want u to leave, u are such a good colleage to me and good staff to the company


…You are a dedicated, responsible staff. If you leave us, this is a big loss for CIS

What are the reasons? Before listing these, let us recalled what made me rejoined CIS .
It’s exactly a year after that….

Now, what made me so determine to leave again? I don’t even have a new job yet. I will be jobless and I am not confident I can get any job with such pay 🙁

1) Him, definitely because of him. Its not whether I will work with him or not, but everyone and anyone in the office will remind me of him. To think of him now is a torture for me, everyday, almost everyday.

2) I am not good enough. I can’t lead well, I am slow and didn’t manage to work well with the another team lead, who eventually tell me to “buang sampah” 🙁

3) The one whom I was afraid can’t manage with her bad habits left, but another one is here.

4) I feel that my life is all about work ever since rejoined CIS. Could be because I was in Beijing and have to travel for project implementation. But oh god, I spent 90% of my time in front of this stupid Compaq notebook!

5) Dolphiny is incurable! There is no more technical thing I can learn from this sick Dolphine. MLM system? Not interested.

What I hope after resigned :

1) Meet new people, slowly forget him.
2) More balance life, play n work.
3) Found a job which I really *smart* in.

What I lost after resigned :

1) A good pay.
2) Lost opportunity to travel overseas 🙁
3) Good colleagues like JH, HS…..etc

What will make me stay in CIS :

1) Raise my pay to *0000.
2) ……………………….couldn’t think of any 🙁

Aih….fine, it seems like i really need to change this job.

I miss you guys

I miss you guys


Am in London now, its 2pm Sunday which is 10.11pm, Sunday in Malaysia.
London sounds great but guess what, this city looks ugly to me.
U might think its great to be able to travel without have to pay a single penny, but thats not true when you have to work and the worst is, you do not have the right companion. The feeling is bad, just like you got isolated, the feeling ain’t any different than being prisoned in a jail and you can’t go anywhere, mentally.
Was browsing Jenny’s friendster blog about her 10 sisters reunion. Sounds so good. Then it made me browse through my friend list.
The count of ‘friends’ in my list didn’t grow since the last …. one year? or two? Am not sure but i feel like got stucked in my life.
Everyone has got new photos with new people…but mine? What happened to me?
I suddenly recalled those time with my gang of buddies in form 6. It was so wonderful to me. It was exciting, full-filling, although tiring, but its just the best memory in my mind.
I suddenly miss all my friends. Then i realised I forgot to even say ‘hi’ to u guys. 🙁 Most of the time, you guys will message me to say ‘how are u’, will encourage me, will give me energy but I realised, I overlooked them. 🙁 I am sorry.

I have been working like days and nights, mentally ill (getting serious) and just got stucked with boygirl relationship.
Been hurt seriously in my first time relationship with a guy. The usual emotional Ongki, couldn’t stand strong this time.
Feel so weak. Tried again and again to stand up but keep falling. But don’t worry, I know, time will heals.
What I learnt from this lesson is, nobody worth more than your friend who “knows you, accept you and care for you”.
I am sorry, I realised, I have too many bad habbits, thanks for your tolerance and thanks million for being my friend.

Truthfully and sincerely,




一场失败的爱情 像个笑话

Didn’t realise its meaning until experienced it….

He called me a poopy

He called me a poopy


Bodily waste of varying color, viscosity, shape, odor and texture. Usually exits the body through your pooper, speed, noise and degree of pain may vary depending on what you ate.

I hurt myself again

I hurt myself again

It is winter in China. Very cold.
Work is getting stressful, i found it very difficult to work with the China guys here.
I found them very reluctant to work for the company, they only ‘work for the sake of work’.

Yesterday, everything went wrong in the office, everything are not done properly, I feel so helpless, so mad at myself, as its obviously I didn’t lead well. 2 more days to go London, i have no idea how are we going to present the lousy system. 🙁

I didn’t control. The day before yesterday, I visited his website, and wrote a testimonial, but don’t think so he will publish.
Yesterday, after a hetic and problematic day, I left office exausted. It was especially cold that my leg was shaking in cold.
I suddenly thought of him. I dialled his number, and it got connected, then he picked up. ‘wey….wey??’
I didn’t dare to say anyting, i don’t know what to say, i was thinking at that moment, ‘thank god, at least he answered my call’.
Then i hung up. Sent him a sms, to thank him for answering my call, i am happy to even just hearing his voice, but his replied was ‘Who r u?’ Obviously he deleted my contact and couldnt remember that this unknown number appearing on his phone belongs to me.
I replied, ‘a girl who doesn’t know how to live well without you’. But….but his reply was ….. 🙁 …. 🙁 …..:( …..:( …..:(……:(
was, was, was, was, was, ‘Go to hell’.
I felt like wanna collapse. I couldn’t continue my work. Stopped at that bench where we once used to sit to chat.
I really feel like wan to go tianjin at that moment, and ask him, ‘what did i do that u hate me so much? do u really wan me to die that u will happy?’
But i didn’t. Got back to hostel, took bath, took the comforter and cover up my head. Cried. Slept in tears.
Woke up middle of the night, the words ‘Go to hell’ still playing around my mind. Forced to sleep again, was grumpy, I just couldn’t sleep without anymore thinkings.
But that didn’t change even until I woke up in the morning. My mind just couldn’t get rid of that short, but cruel and world’s most hurtful greetings, moreover it was a reply to a loving words? i sent him loving words, from someone who loves someone else dearly, but the reply was killing words, from someone who doesn’t love but hate that someone else so much until the bone.
I didn’t ‘gam sam’. My heart didn’t want to accept that. I still want to get him and tell him I am not that kind of person he is thinking of me.
I think i made the right decision to knock on Ying’s door and had a long chat with her. I am so much relieved to hear what she told me.
Those are the facts that all the while, I am lying to myself, trying to find excuse. I am relieved not because she told me with lies that i hope to listen. She didn’t. She was very frank to me. Maybe because she is a close pal of his, i trust her, believe in her…what she told me, i believe is just what he’s been thinking in his heart, or maybe her observation of something that even he himself doesn’t know. She was right, she was all right…not that he doesnt have me in his heart anymore, the truth is, he never put me in it before.
My heart was death right at that moment. Doesn’t know why, she said i deserve someone so much better, i trust her, it gave me little bit of confidence. She told me, ‘don’t think of what u can do now to get back his heart, should think of what u can do to make him fall in love with u in the future’. She told me the ‘art of sun tzu’. Yes, i want to live well now, i want to brush up everything on myself, and stand proud in front of him one day, tell him, ‘its your loss for mistreating me’. I don’t want to love him anymore. He doesn’t deserve me.
Yes, I am glad i have this thinking now, I finally let go. I finally want to let go. I will even forward this blog to him.
i wan him to read this, ‘I will get rid of you, i will hate u for the rest of my life. I will not even take a glance of u anymore.’

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