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Recaps : Ongki in 2009 (I)

Recaps : Ongki in 2009 (I)

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Farewell lunch with CIS colleagues

Ongki in 2006

“Runaway from Beijing hostel”

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At Ipoh, Fu Shan

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Woohooo….it is 12.11 am at this moment!

1st January 2010 !

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BYE BYE 2009!!!!

Welcome 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009 Resolution Final Update

1) Complete first year MBA – no fails in exam
Done 100% – two modules exam with flying colors result

2) Improve/change lifestyle habits
– Do not lie
– Focus more
– Be decisive
– Less chili, less ice in meal

Done 50% – not applied fully but doing any of these now will cause me to feel guilty. Awareness raised.
Will keep reducing each unhealthy lifestyle and habits for a better Ongki.

3) By October, buy a diamond necklace (double size of previous) with every month’s saving
Done 50% – I indeed bought a bigger diamond but it’s not with monthly saving. Money management still poor.

4) Organize an overseas trip with family
Not done – parent’s don’t want to go due to H1N1 outbreak. Will plan one in coming year instead.

5) Build TravelSoft and impress Cynthia and help their businesses
80% – Built a brand new module fully by myself, started from scratch. A sense of achievement, and what’s more, client using during Matta Fair, am proud of myself! Who cares whether who got impressed or not, lol.


Hey, reread the Mixed fortune…Zodiac guide to Ox year, pretty close to real life,

Generally, it’s a favourable year. You have three big lucky stars but several unlucky stars around you. So you can expect to face some obstacles on the road to success.
Ongki : Yes, it was a significant year. Marked many new beginnings for me.

Career This is the time for you to shine. Two lucky stars smile on your career. You should make significant progress and get promoted. Don’t be over-confident when you have achieved success. The salaried Ram may make more than sufficient money. It’s a good time for investments and new business ventures.
Ongki: Career progressed well. No promotion but great progress. Manager satisfied with my performance.
Just started a new business with friends, started up great.

Love life With the influence of two unlucky stars, the Ram is likely to have arguments with his/her love interest. But you get to know each other better and take your relationship to the next level.
Ongki: Yes, there were arguments with SCH but we now understand each others better.

Health Watch out for signs of increased stress or burn-out. Take a good rest.
Ongki: Worn out, exhausted with full time job, freelance, new business and part time MBA.

Take note: Although you may feel like a superhero, you’re definitely not one. Take precautions, like everyone else.
Ongki: A safe 2009 has passed. What’s next for 2010?

Celebrating 30 years old birthday

A year where i am at the right point to reflect the past and to plan for the future.
Most ppl in their 20’s doesn’t really know what they are doing because what they should be doing is what everyone else doing.
But starting 30yrs old, thats the beginning of your real own journey.
The future is not something your parents will arrange for u.

To others, the next is marriage, motherhood and i guess thats the ‘maturity’ point
To me, i might be ‘late’ as allen often describe me, my mentality is only at the age of 20.
But no one can escape from this kind of society pressure!
I leave this issues to go by nature, depends how it goes.
However, i am in the midst of planning my future.
What do i want to be in the next 10 years?
Before seeing the next 10 years, i see what did i do in the past 10 years.
We must know where are we before we can find the way to where we want to be.
That makes us different from the mice in the Who Moved My Cheese…

In the past, i grab every single opportuniy that comes to me.
I always think, there is no lose to agree, to say yes, to accept and to do almost everything that comes into my interest.
That explain why i have changed seven jobs in my employment history but that also explained the places and ppl i have met in these years.
My friend described that i have some kind of BIG (blessing in disguise).
But it should no longer be this way, and i won’t let it happen, i will take all the responsibility of what is going to happen to me next, starting 2010.

In the next 10 years, i want to own a profitable business.
2010 is the year where i will put this goal into second priority, aside from doing my MBA.
It is also the starting of my accumulating knowledge process, as per boss’s advise.

10 Tips for Starting a Computer Business

10 Tips for Starting a Computer Business

Many people dream of running their own successful business. However, those dreams never include the sweat, blood and tears that are part of getting there. Here are 10 reality based tips for starting a computer business.

1. Love what you do – This is by far the most important thing in almost every business. Dont ever do it just for the money.

2. Have sufficient start up funds – which should cover your business registration, initial visit to your accountant to get setup legally and some business cards. However, the most important start up funds are the ones you need to support yourself while you build up your client base, which leads me into my next tip.

3. Start your own business while you are still employed – It may be many months before your business starts becoming profitable so its a good idea to have another job to cover your living expenses during that time.

4. Be good with money – Managing money isnt just one of those things that you do in business. It is what business is all about. If you cant manage your own funds now, you probably shouldnt be starting a business.

5. Start on a shoestring – Dont go renting a big officespace if you can start your business from home. Dont buy lots of expensive office furniture and electronics. A computer, fax machine, basic printer, internet connection, a phone and a basic toolkit should be enough for most businesses.

6. Understand how you will make a profit – Work out how much you will need to charge for your products and services in order to make a substantial profit. Take into account costs such as your advertising, utilities and rent. From there you can determine how much money you need to make each month to survive.

7. Get and keep the competitive edge – Perhaps you can strike up a special deal with your supplier to get items cheaper than your competitors. Be a professional on the products you are selling or have the friendliest staff.

8. Dont go it alone – Unless you are a accountant, a lawyer or a designer then you should hire professionals to do those tasks. In the long run, if you try and do it yourself you will waste more time and money than if you originally paid a professional to do it. Rememer your time isnt free anymore.

It is also a good idea to have someone you can bounce ideas off. Its especially important to have someone who will play devils advocate for you.

9. Be Professional – Everything you do should be professional. Your business cards, the way you act and even the way you dress. This shows your clients that you are a professional running a serious business.

10. Prepare for the worst – What would you do if your house/office burnt down right now? Would your customer database be backed up elsewhere or would it perish? Do you have adequate insurance if a clients computer perished in a fire, along with all its data?


Javascript – Void operator

Javascript – Void operator

Void Operator

blocks returned values
(void expression/function call)
When either an HTML A tag’s href attribute or onclick event handler contain a JavaScript expression or function call, the void operator is placed before them in order to neutralize a value they may return. The void operator assures that the value will not be assigned to the href attribute.

If this step is not taken, the page content is replaced with that value or sometimes with the client’s hard drive directory listing. The most common place this “gotcha” shows up is when the method is placed in an A tag as the href’s value:
Open Sub Window
Or Here…
do something when link is clicked

Void Operator fixes the above errors just by showing up:
Open Sub Window
do something when link is clicked
The “(0)” following the void operator is sometimes used as a place holder for the returned value, but doesn’t necessarily have to be used, but I’ve included it because you will probably see it used on occasion.

22nd October 2009 – Ongki Day

22nd October 2009 – Ongki Day

Like what I told him, it’s not that I love celebrating birthdays, but it’s with whom I am celebrating that matters.
It was a much awaited day, despite the mild fever and runny nose the night before.

Didn’t expect to be away from office on actual day, hoping to be treated like VIP in the office again, like last year. But I guess many things changed. People who used to wish me didn’t wish anymore. People who didn’t wish, left me wishes, thanks to Facebook. But how come “he”, “he”, “he” and “he” don’t send me sms anymore? They don’t remember Ongki anymore, do they?

After all, I am not really bothered with who wish and who didn’t wish. But when you are at the age of 30, the feeling of getting old is so strong and your list of friends who remember you is just like you are dealing on the casino table and doing a ‘show hand’. Okay….i’d showed my hand….these are all i have 😀

SCH called 11.59pm and sang me a birthday song (I request geh la)
Chien Hui, Ah Yat, Chuah, GE, Trista, Feli, BoonKoon, Kenny Botak sms’ed
Chen called all the way from India
Kenson Peh 祝你生日快乐!Wish you Happy Birthday!
Hung Sing Ye Happy Birthday
Chee Hung Yong happy birthday, ongki…. wish you can dream of chilam every night 🙂
Tay Wee Fong happy birthday oo..~ 😛
Daniel Lim HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu
Celyn Chin Dear Ki Ki, Happy Birthday to you…. May all your wish come true. Happy always… cheers!
Pink Yee Hello~ Happy Birthday~ May all you wish come true and always have a best day for today^^
Ida mc… ? hehehe enjoy your birthday today ya…^_^ emailed
Ks Chin 金祥 Hahaha chee fai “die sei”………Happy B’day too Ongki!
Gary Lee Happy birthday Ongki..faster get marry la 😀
Hwe Sinn Lee happy birthday to my leng lui…(leng ah ma)..
Ingrid Jojo Happy birthday sister
Ck Woon Happy birthday to u too……….
Fei Wong happy birthday elaine ^^
Joanne Kong Happy happy birthday my dear cuz. Wish you all the best and a big MUAX!
Carl Chen tear for happiness…Happy Birthday to you….welcome to big 30…keke
Lee Aik Guan selamat hari jadi…
Tiff Teo Happy Birthday!!!
Lai Ming Ee Happy Birthday…
Celine Lee Happy birthday…my dear friend!!!
Joshua Chong cheers! happy birthday~
Loo Mee Happy birthday to u…..
Wn Weinah happy birthday to you, wish you have a special and wonderful day :_)
Becky Cheong Happy Happy Birthday…..
Lim Sing Yee Happy Birthday Ongki!! May all your wishes and dreams come trueeeeee
Nguk Pui Np Hat Bee Bird Dad! May all ur wishes come true!!
Aiboon Teoh Happy Birthday Ongki!!:D
Anne Chong Happy Birthday!! Wishing you nothing less than what your heart desires!!!
Christine Leong Sang yat fai lok! Hope ur birthday is a blast!
Mindy Yoong Happy Birthday!! Have a great one! 🙂
Tiong Ghee Nio HI Ongki! happy B’day!!!!!!! May ur special day be wonderful!!!
Kelly Chow Dear Friend, Happy Birthday…Wish you all the best in coming years….smuakkksss…a birthday kiss for u…
Cindy Tan Happy Birthday Ongki ! Have a good one 🙂 * Kim Hwa here, btw…
Calvin Tiew Keh Feng happy birthday…
Regine Tan Happy Birthay!
Yunmun Kwong happy birthday ongki
Dylan Tan Happy Birthday Elaine….
Christy Cheah Happy birthday to u…….. Wish u all the best ya!!!!
Kenson Koh happy birthday… may your dreams come true.
Bernice Soo Happy Birthday… Ongki.
Lai Ping Chong Hi ongki, Happy Birthday ah! May all your wishes come true!
Ferdinand Yoong Borrow post… Happy birthday to Elaine 🙂
PingEng Goh Elaine, happy birthday to u…wish u happy forever^_^
Joy Tay Happy Birithday elaine…hope u have a great one…cheers =)
Ooi Jack Son happy Birthday to you
Andrea Ho Happy birthday!
Nicole Nadiah Kuan hi ongki, happy birthday.. hope u have a most memorable one this year and all the best..
Michelle Kong happy birthday !! may the best of health be with u ah!
Faizah Fadzil eh, happy Birthday 2u too….. Many happy returns… ^_^
Zchai Lim hohoho… lao chabo, happy birthday! all d best to ya! cheers!
YP Loo Happy Birthday …
Tiffany Boon 生日快乐!! my dearest sis !may all ur dream come true !!!
Siew Jiun Hui Ongki, Happy Birthday ~ ^^
Rachelle Foong 冯彩晶 happy birthdayyy
SweetFong Ho Happy Birthday to you! May all your days fill with love and laughter!
Intan Abdul Guthoos Wish u a Very…… Very …… Very….. Happy Birthday….to u…..
Firdaus Mazelan happy bday . wish u good health . wealth . happiness . ^^
萧美英 祝您生日快乐,开心每一天。
Angie Ng Happy birthday to u!!
Deborah Danker Happy Birthday !!
Sudeshram Subbaraman Happy Birthday!
Andy Tan Tan happy birthday!
Yinru Tan Happy Birthday!!!
Kah Yee Chow many many happy returns of the day…
Serene Wong Happy Birthday !!! just in time, before the day end !!
Clarice Yap Happy Birthday….wish u have tears of happiness, tears of laughter…
Max, Chan Si, Yen Ting, Eric, How Sing, Hui Kee celebrated with me at The Gardens.
Mei Yee HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONGKI !!!!! wishes u ching chun siong ju…Happy always n loaded with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Life, however, is just like a short stage play revolves around me on that special day of mine.
The beloved father of a friend of mine left the world. I am sure she must be really sad. I can’t help but to pray and hoping she and family can be strong. I am sure uncle is proud to have the girls.
Another friend of mine, gave birth to a princess named, Jenna at Japan. And her own birthday is on 23rd, the following day.

生(life)、老(old)、病(sick)、死(die), who can escape? I am living now, getting older, will eventually fall sick and then die. We must learn to enjoy every single minute of our life time, and not celebrating it only once a year on birthday!
I was thinking, if i can live up to 90 years old, the first 1/3 already passed, and now is just the starting of the 2nd 1/3, and definitely the prime time of my life! 3/3 already no fun because by that time I must be old and started to lose my teeth and forgetting friends.
I am really glad, I am healthy, I am pretty, I am smart, I am ambitious, I am being loved, I am blessed!

On that day itself, I was not at work due to my runny nose. Manager told me to rest well and said don’t see email, don’t work and do something that I have been wanting to do for long time and enjoy this one special day of the year. I think hard but can’t think of any, except to spend a lovely and enjoyable evening with my love, which I have been wishing for the past 30 years.
I left home in a dress I seldom wear, put on my perfume, put on my diamonds, waited for him at KLCC.
Meanwhile I was looking around of what to buy for myself as birthday gift.
Doesn’t know how, it came across my mind to get something special for him. I wish he’ll be happy. And if he’s happy, so do I already. And I bought him a GAP thermal layered shirt, hoping to keep him warm when he’s working at JPN.

And he, prepared a gift and a handmade card for me. I actually requested him to make a birthday card for me, few weeks before that day. And he did. It is a very cute card. Straightforward, neatly colored and bordered, simple, and very detailed illustrated. Look at the fine lines of the candles. And he obviously loving the colors Green with Yellow. I think this card simply reflects his mind. He is a very detail person, who is always looking for perfection, and most important, everything has to be done clear cut and clean.


Me too, bought two cards for him, a Thank You card and another ‘We are different sometimes but …’ card.
I love both the cards, hoping he understand my meaning.

And then we headed to San Francisco for dinner. The environment is nice, romantic, with candle light(short one), lol.







I love it 😀

I thank god for everything I have. Thank God.

張智霖 – 妳太善良

張智霖 – 妳太善良


Wonder when will his new album be on sales. Would like to grab it as a gift for my own.

你等他悔改 好不過你鬆手放開
有一種固執 得不到喝彩
總擔任偉大角色 獻奉全部愛
寧願悉心灌溉 沒結果的錯愛

理想歸理想 得不到也等於妄想
原諒又原諒 她可有拍掌
諸多忍讓沒有獎 也沒誰人賣帳
難度你夠情長 某某亦會同樣

他不配做對象 可惜你太善良
他背叛你 偏你沒法 睜開眼看真相
馴服就似綿羊 相戀太善良大多打敗仗
受騙的那個 比騙徒更混帳

我可等你嗎 可等到你傷口結疤
我這種固執 不比你更差
好心地但運氣差 做壞人才耀眼
良善太過平凡 怕註定要陪跑

單戀也是正常 天生我太善良
早愛著你 可怕是你 一早看透真相
馴服就似綿羊 相戀太善良大多打敗仗
受騙的那個 比騙徒更混帳

你這樣情長 再等你也是妄想

明明他不配做對象 可惜你太善良
喜愛受騙 只怕共你努力亦沒回響
他不將你放心上 即使再善良未得到景仰
受騙的那個 比騙徒更混帳
我也想騙你 這句才算真相

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