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Year: 2010

Welcome Baby Elise

Welcome Baby Elise

6/10/10 – Wednesday
– Estimated due date for delivery but still no contraction, no show, no water burst, nothing, no symptom of delivering
– Decided date for admitting to hospital for induction delivery on 7th.
– SCH back to Ipoh

– Admitted around 11.00am, SCH did the registration while the nurse lead me to a room where all the wonders began….
– Started by getting some personal details including health information, then was told to lie on the bed, with pants off, in front of 4 to 5 nurse trainees…yes, those Indian trainees who were then was told to shave me….(shave! omg) and they did!
– Right after that, they injected me and told me to pass motion…obviously, that injection is to help me pass motion which i felt immediately.
– Changed into green apron-like attire, rejoined SCH and being allocated to a bed where I suffered the most exciting and horrifying ten hours pain in my life!
– Nurse ‘set’ me up with the drips, blood pressure, etc

11:41am – Still managed to put a thumb showing I am still ‘alright’, still early anyway….
Nurse came, checked my opening, 3-4 cm.. Dr.George came, overheard that he said this patient should be fast.


Each hour passed, felt the pain, which got intense and finally had two injections to reduce the pain.
The nurses were just ‘fierce’. I was yelling, complaining the pain but all they said were ‘…labor pain is like this….’
Adui, not that I don’t know but at that moment, all I can do is to shout and keep complaining. Can’t they just help to divert my attention so we can feel ‘less pain’? And luckily, there was this Indian nurse, and remind me to take deep breath.
I did, SCH keep encouraging me to do that, and since then he has been holding my hand tight until the moment i delivered.

It was only at 9pm that I was finally being transfered to the Delivery Room. I was glad, thinking that it’s finally over.
But that was the most painful hour, and each minute passed was like an hour to me. I kept asking, how long more, how long more, while seeing the doctor came in, whistling while washing his hand, with a relaxing look that made me so ‘dulan’.

And “the moment” finally came. He sit down, while I have my leg wide opened, husband beside me. Doc said ‘…just push everything out…pee, poo, just release, don’t feel shameful…’. He told us, he can see the baby’s hair already, and even showed to SCH. That encouraged me to really ‘work harder’ to go through this last step.
Well, I did, I push all I can and that was quite a way to feel less of the pain.
At the same time, I see the Doc busy handling this and that, and then using some “tool” but I have no idea, because with the sitting position, I really couldn’t see how is he ‘operating’ me.
After a while, Elise finally arrived. Doc put her in front of me, and I shall never forget the feeling and her first picture in my mind. I was so glad and really thank god for a healthy baby. All the worries of taking too much chilies, H1N1 post-effect, etc etc didn’t really cause any ‘defect’. Thank god again.

I don’t remember the exact sequence of what happened afterward, but it’s quite clear to my mind that the Doc then push my tummy, and he told me he was cleaning up the wound, cutting the plasenta, etc etc, which I have no interest to feel in detail what is he doing to me, as my eyes were already stick to my baby.
The nurse also immediately put her to me so I can breastfeed her, i did and she sucked well!
After a while, I was being sent to the ward and I was feeling so exhausted and tired, that I was so blur when SCH told me, he is going home etc.

10:07pm -DONE!!!

10:17am – Our precious

She is rather big and long compare to other babies πŸ˜€ And she is pretty…

Movie #25 with hubby – Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen

Movie #25 with hubby – Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen

#25 Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen (Chinese) *** 3 stars (not up to expectation)

Donnie Yen’s portrayal is still convincing, with his interesting punches and kicks (I prefer his Wing Chun punches in Cheong Sam though). The story line is fine…(as in standard), but it’s somehow ‘boring’.
I am not sure if it’s Shu Qi’s character stole too much of the screen time or it is crucial for her character to show there is kind and better Jap around (pui…)

As we watch, I kept whispering to him, ‘hon gan’ (betrayer) who would buy a made in Japan scissor for RM5!
Guess this is the last movie we are watching before a long MIA of us from the cinema due to the arrival of our lil princess. πŸ˜€

What Will I Do

What Will I Do

At week 37th, counting down to the birth of my lil Elise. How to describe my feeling?
I’m in love….in love with my baby, can’t wait to see hold her, touch her and love her…

Artist: Natalie Burks
Song Title: What Will I Do

I’m not really sure of the words to say
If only you knew that I feel this way
I wanna give my heart to you
Show me the way that you want me to

I know for sure there’s a place for us
I’m counting the days till I feel your touch
You come to me when I dream at night
When I’m with you it will be so right

If you could see the love in my eyes
You should know that I’m on your side

Ohh ohh ohh
I’d be yours
You’d be mine
Ohh what will I do

33 weeks of pregnancy

33 weeks of pregnancy

It is uncomfortable because tummy is stretching and causing cramps at the tummy area.
It is big and couldn’t find a lot of clothes that I can wear…didn’t buy many pregnancy clothes…don’t know why I can spend few hundreds for an evening dress that I might wear just a few times but not these pregnancy clothes. I just feel that it does not worth it πŸ˜›

Well, there are many to update, life has been very challenging and a strong mentality is very important.
Nevertheless, at the mid of boredom, I do find interesting things to do, lol.

In Feb, I was 58kg, and now I weighed 74kg…

It is big but I am sure it will grow even bigger soon

It is very difficult to interrupt his StarCraft session and drag him for picture together!

Our wedding…rings

The happy soon to be mommy

A happy soon to be mommy and daddy

Movie #24 with hubby – Inception

Movie #24 with hubby – Inception

#24 Inception (English) ***** 5 stars (recommended)

Was much better than my expectation. Thought it must be just another Matrix kind of movie.
But it turned out to be really not bad.

In the end, he is still dreaming….

Influenza A : Day 4

Influenza A : Day 4

Yes, I’ve got infected with H1N1 or Influenza A to be exact. No, both husband and I got infected, but 3 lives suffering, including my 5 months old baby. I am sure she feel the pain of throwing up and coughing.

Okay, this is how I look with the mask on, look prettier, do I?

TAMIFLU is the prescription medication for flu prevention and treatment.

Mom’s prescription

The room where I will spend 7 days

The over of the first trimester

The over of the first trimester

Yes! Survived through the first dreadful trimester. It wasn’t a pleasant experience having the feeling of vomiting and being moody, dragging myself to work every morning, looking forward for 6pm in the evening for dinner. The feeling of not able to withstand hunger was a torture.
Now, at the 21 weeks of pregnancy, things seems to get so much better.
Appetite got better, although still couldn’t be too full.
Meal time seems to be stable, as its pretty fixed with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Seems to gain back energy as well, can shop for longer time. Don’t get tired and sleepy easily.
No more nausea, drinking milk has been a routine. In fact, now husband will prepare for me, makes the “sweetest” milk in the world πŸ˜€

Last checkup with doctor, he confirmed about 70% to 80% that baby is a girl. Honestly, a little bit of disappointed (shhh….don’t tell my daughter) as I am expecting a Soo Chi Lam. But after a while, I just have to thank god for my girl. She is healthy, growing bigger in my stomach, active as she is making a lot of butterflies in my stomach.
He wants Grace but I want Elise for her. I like this name because I like how everyone pronounce this name in the HK series ‘The Gem of Life’. There is a character carried by Linda Chung, and she is really stylish and standout in the series. I like the pronunciation. It makes me like the name more remembering my favorite score by the genius Beethoven for his infamous piece ‘Pour Elise’. What’s more, the name bear the same ‘E’ as I do πŸ˜€
If he is a boy, I might name him ‘Ethan’. But that might be for the next baby.
As for the Chinese, he suggested a name resembles his friend’s name, Soo Huey Yen (if i am not mistaken). And I leave this part to him, be fair ma….But Soo Huey Yen, or maybe Soo Huey See sounds nice to me.

It is only at this stage, the inner feeling in me finally telling me that ‘Ongki, your pregnancy is real! You are going to be a mother! There will be a lil girl calling you mother and she will be the responsibility of your whole life’!!!!!!
I was like, ‘Oh my god, what to do….what’s next? Never did I imagine myself giving birth so soon….and all of the sudden?’…..okay, no point looking back at what happened that brings me to where am i today. The more constructive thing to do is not to repeat the mistake. Just like what I told him, we must start the exact planning and start the execution to ensure she is delivered to this world having a proud parents and blessed life ahead.

23rd May, two months after marriage, we talked over, what and how does we scored as husband and wife. There are things both of us are not doing good but at least up until now, we have tried hard to cope up with the life of adjusting to each other’s attitude, style of living and of course, with all the limitation and constrains we are having now. I know this is not an ideal environment, for him but I am sure, if we both work harder, things will be better. But seeing this from another perspective, I think both of us are so blessed. We have parents to take care of us so perfectly that I think I really owe them a lot. How should I replay later?
Sometimes I am scared to owe people too much, because I do not know what can I repay them πŸ™

For myself, marriage changed me tremendously. I used to be a self centric, being isolated from family, only entertaining friends and satisfying own’s need for a life that I think it should be ‘fun’. I used to just play with the computer, doing my work or freelance, or chatting with friends or maybe just blogging.
But now I don’t. I know when are the times I should have quality chat with parents and sister. I feel so much appreciating them now. Although there are things I don’t really know how to show my concern, all I do is only praying in my heart for the sick to get healthy soon.

I am still a very blessed girl and glad I found my husband who has been tolerating with me all the times (I am sincere, not that I want to flatter him knowing he will read this soon :P), and my daughter who has yet to see the real world, but thanks to her, for being healthy and growing in my stomach.

Thank god, pour Elise πŸ˜€

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