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16 weeks pregnant!

16 weeks pregnant!

Had gynae check up last Saturday. Seems good. Waiting for blood test result.
Getting into the 4th month, things seems to changed better, less morning sicknesses.
Just wonder why tummy still small….can’t wait to see it gets bigger and let me feel him kicking 😀
I love my baby 😀

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while…

…since I last blogged. Welcome me back!

This is the 31st day after our wedding on last 20th March 2010.
A month felt like ages ago. Couldn’t recall much what have I done within these 31 days except that I am coping hard with the effects of being a pregnant lady. Unfortunately it wasn’t a pleasant first trimester as I was physically unfit as well as mentally exhausted. The morning sickness haunts me until now, at the 16th weeks.

As for life after wedding, except that they are people calling me Mrs Soo and Pn. Soo, and I have someone to call “husband”, there isn’t much difference compare before. Reason is because I am still staying with family (and being taken care perfectly) and he is still at his place at Wangsa. Life’s as usual. We don’t meet on weekdays because now I don’t usually go out after work. Oh, one obvious effect with another life in my stomach, I can’t endure hunger anymore! If hungry, I will start to feel vomiting and sometimes black out. So, i’ll head home for dinner right after work. And he’ll be busy at JPN and attending his classes. By this end of the month, he’ll move over my place since he already terminated his room rent contract.

As for what happened 30 days before 20th March, I think it is definitely a whirlwind experience in my life.
We got to know about pregnancy on 14th Feb, the very first day of CNY. Still not known to my parents and relatives, we got tremendous blessings and jokes from them, asking us to prepare for “something good” on that evening. I guess, it must have shocked them a lot when the news reached them in just about 2 weeks later.
We informed both sides parents, and it seems to be a welcomed news. My parents was like happy but not expressing out. I can feel them being excited as well. But when comes to talk about the wedding preparation, both families were in distress. It wasn’t easy to pick a good date for the wedding as April was Qing Ming, and to make it after April, my tummy would be too big by then. So we were left with the dates in March only! And his parents got a date as soon as 1xth of March which is a mission impossible as it was just 7++ days away.
My parents were left with no choice but to get another sifu to pick another date. And thank god, 20th March is just an ideal date. We were left with 20++ days to prepare everything.

Actually, come to think about it, there isn’t much to prepare, I guess it is the mentality pressure that makes us all so nervous and see times to be that tight. There were few things we had omitted, the invitation card printing, mainly to save cost, and less hassle to take care, we just sent e-invitation card.
As we are also not moving house, there is nothing to take care too. But before decided not to move, we did go around and look for suitable house to rent temporary. Saw one near Pandan Perdana, which looks good, but since parents offering this flat to us, and since it is so much more convenient, we decided to stay here. I guess, this is the best option.

Most of the preparations were done for the betrothal ceremony (‘guo dai li’) process. Many things were to prepare (which were mostly done by my parents). Next was the wedding registration, we only managed to get 31st March for the nearest date to 20th. One important thing we also skipped was taking photo studio, we decided to sign wedding package but not taking the pictures at the moment. I am fine with this, because I was too fat and not prepared at all for such a lengthy process to be done in a rush. We signed for the wedding gowns and other miscellaneous items to be prepared by the bridal house. We signed up at City Image, hoping to get good deal since our family friend used to work there. But much to my disappointment, except that the package seems cheaper for the range of gowns that i chose, others like service level, quality, were all rubbish. To be frank, I wouldn’t advise anyone to go there!
As for the wedding car, we borrowed from my cousin who owned a used car shop. It was a white 5 series BMW. I guess thats the only chance i get to drive luxury car in my life!

Dinner guest, it was a huge process to invite and re-invite and ensure their attendance, we made mistakes here and there. Some forgot to send e-invitation card, and they don’t even appear at the dinner, although already informed via MSN. I admit, that was my mistake, but if you are a friend who understand….you should be able to…. Well, well, well, it was still my mistake. I have more than 10 tables of friends. And fortunately many are able to make it. Although my closest buddies like A Yat and CKY couldn’t make it. Both were due to work 🙁 Luckily company’s buddies all made it, especially boss who flew back all the way from BKK for this. The regret was that MD and his team couldn’t make it. They however, organised a post-wedding dinner for us. It was very nice of them but I guess they missed a moment when they can see my eyes glowing with blessings and happiness. That was MY evening! Totally mine!

I’ve got to write about the hotel! Equatorial Hotel! Although I am sure my choice to hold it at a hotel ballroom is a good, but I’ve got to say, it was a huge mistake to choose EQ. Service before the dinner was bad! I really had nightmare because of this. Imagine, I have to contact the person in charge to remind them about my wedding, which is getting closer and she told me, she was on leave for a month!
Fine, so i find another pic and he was also on MC! Hey, what the heck, the dinner will be just 5 days away, we have not even done the food testing! I was all well prepared for the payment but they said they do not have pic here to know the details! What have they done for me?
Nothing…only at last another lady attended us and I have to say she is the only thing we are satisfied for.
She prepared everything again. Food testing was arranged just the next day after payment, was very rush. Mom have to take last minute decision to come and cause some troubles with the kids’ mom that she babysits for. Food was good, almost perfect during the tasting time. But on the actual evening, everything was bad!
I always want to feedback to the hotel but up to now, I don’t even feel like want to communicate with them!
However, service during dinner wasn’t bad, put it this way…its the Sales Department that was a chaos and blame the kitchen for the bad food. Service is good.

Alright, it should be thats all for the wedding preparation. Oh, i must mention the war-alike open house party at my flat the night before wedding. It was really like a war, place was small, food wasn’t enough, guest were a lot….first time family holding a party, I guess everyone underestimated the situation. Mom didn’t order enough. Neighbours came eat and pack food back. I am so sorry to my friends as they came but not much food are there for them. Although sister has to pack back some additional foods like satay and fried chicken, but it still doesn’t seems enough. One word, chaotic! Next time I would rather pay more and have things more organised.

Wedding day… be continue…

Movie #19 with him – Case 39

Movie #19 with him – Case 39

#19 Case 39 (english) ** 3 stars (quite nice, quite horrifying, I mean)

I intend to watch Tiger WooHoo! only to realize I bought the ticket online for the wrong date! It was bought for 27th Jan 2010! 😛
And luckily there were plenty of vacant seats in that cinema, otherwise we would have been real “sh” for that night. We didn’t realize it was wrong until the seat “owner” came and we compared our ticket.
Up until then, I was actually in puzzled and keep asking him what’s this movie we are seeing. And he said it’s horror movie, to his dismay, because he doesn’t like horror! Sorry dear…

But it turned our quite good.

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