33 weeks of pregnancy

33 weeks of pregnancy

It is uncomfortable because tummy is stretching and causing cramps at the tummy area.
It is big and couldn’t find a lot of clothes that I can wear…didn’t buy many pregnancy clothes…don’t know why I can spend few hundreds for an evening dress that I might wear just a few times but not these pregnancy clothes. I just feel that it does not worth it 😛

Well, there are many to update, life has been very challenging and a strong mentality is very important.
Nevertheless, at the mid of boredom, I do find interesting things to do, lol.

In Feb, I was 58kg, and now I weighed 74kg…

It is big but I am sure it will grow even bigger soon

It is very difficult to interrupt his StarCraft session and drag him for picture together!

Our wedding…rings

The happy soon to be mommy

A happy soon to be mommy and daddy

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