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Bad News of September

Bad News of September

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was shocked to see his message, that…he broke up with his gf. How could he! I can remember vividly, how he firmly told me when we were at university that he and gf will not be apart. I know he can easily got attracted to girls, but I thought his inner self is not like that. I am really surprise, angry, sad and …. oh dear, what’s gonna happen to his EX-gf!

The whole world seems to be turning up and down. It’s like everything changes…

From myself to my friends. From AD, a happy-go-lucky to a cancer patient, from keeping distance with ccy, to going out often now…from not going out with cy, to a future trip with her.

But i realise its going to a good direction.

Maybe a good thing for stan, at least i will not see him, with struggling face everytime asking for yum cha. But does this ending is really an ending to that struggle? or is it another beginning of struggles? only he knows….i let him know frankly that i dun like his decision, i know its NOMY anyway!

I really loves the couples, Stan n gf, Bee n Sct. But it turned out that, they are dissapointing me. Well, maybe I should really get awake from my dream, there aren’t any one love on life. At least me myself, got infactuated to few before.

How could a human can be as determine as Gustri Putri n Hang Tuah.

There are many Sultan Mahmud, but not them. If someone ask me what do i see in love, i would say, it should be really miracle. Because only miracle can show me the existance of true love. That is how i define. But i myself is conflictng with my inner self all the times. Do i really love LJ? or is it just my stupid philosophy on my so called ‘love once a life’? I don;t know…I feel like I am already lost in the maze and fed up to search for the way out. And i actually don’t bother to get the way, just let it be.

Oh well…let’s get back to my wonderful days since the past 2 weekends.

Erm, so i had a leave on Monday, ended up just wasting the precious day with CKY at KLCC 🙁

But last saturday, cy, feli n i went to Genting and luck’s on us, we won quite a pretty RM50! Hehe, glad, i was proud of myself for able to ‘sense’ quite accurtately at the ‘Dai Sai’ table. Hehe…Although just a few hours up there, but it’s just enough for me else, i might give back the money to uncle lim, as i can feel my greedy voice to bet more if i’ve got chance to stay longer.

Then we met up with ccy and others after they attended the CRS gathering. I felt bad for not able to go, but i was telling myself, if LJ was there, I might be there sharp at 6! Hehe…not again….ongki, ongki, wake up!

And then on Sunday, what did i do ya? i think i slept until 4pm, then go for car wash and then watch tv, bought watermelon..i think so…

then on monday, we went sg. wang for countdown, after a wasteful day with cky in the afternoon. i’ve never been in such a happening big party before. its marvellous, although I did not really enjoy to the top la…still, it brings me a good merdeka eve to be remembered.

NOMY = non of my business

what internal sickness am i having?

what internal sickness am i having?

I dunno, i suspect there must be something wrong with me. Always caught flu, damn easy to have running nose. Until everybody ask me that. I really don’t know.

If, and only if i have serious sickness, the first thing i wan to do is….erm, is…visit him at Syd? travel to Japan? visit China? Visit HK and Chilam?

If, i really have serious sickenss, i guess i will not be as tough as AD. He is really tough and i’m really glad that he’s getting better.

Wicker Park – a movie, which names taken from the name of a place

Wicker Park – a movie, which names taken from the name of a place

staring Josh Harnett and … oh well, i just couldn’t remember the names of others cast, obviously my main or maybe only focus is on Josh.

Although he does not look as charming as in Pearl Harbour (yuppie, he’s Ben Affleck’s buddy in Pearl Harbour, ok, now u recalled? ), but this time he gave me another sense of admiration, erm, maturity? masculinity? He has a pair of ‘electrifying’ eyes!

Thanks to AQ, we’ve got free tickets for the special screening of Wicker Park. Fetch by AY, CCY and I first went to AMFinance at Jln Yap Kwan Seng to settle their credit cards and car loan payments. At about 9.25pm, reached Sunway Pyramid and CCY ? ???? ? ?????. Adeline and another guy who looks so cool, most probably ongki not leng lui! dun care la, he’s not leng chai anyway.

Okay, well, let’s get back to the ???. Overall, I think the story line resembles some HK TVB series…couple in love being separated from each other because of third party messing around. Ok, here goes a brief storyline, Matthew (Josh Harnet) deeply in love at first with Lisa, and without his realisation, there’s another girl, Alex, happened to be Lisa’s neighbour cum best pal, also fall for him at her first sight on him! Oh gosh, what a small small world…

Then, Lisa had to leave for London for her job and Matthew was left angry for being dumped without reason, actually Lisa did write him a letter telling him to wait for her, but this Alex did not perform what she’s suppose to do and did the wickest thing to the couple, creating misunderstands between them. Years later, they all got back together…and, and, and then u should go n see the movie yourself!

One scene that really touches me the most is at the ending when Matthew finally spotted Lisa and he walks towards her, Lisa’s back facing him. His face expression really shows and delivers the painful yet ‘thank-god’ message to audience. I like that scene.

Not to forget is when Alex told Matthew after all her tricks were discovered by Matthew. She said,

LOVE can makes u do anything, although you know its not right

…how true….


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