Do not judge a book by it’s cover

Do not judge a book by it’s cover

So do you better not to judge a 男人 by his look, you’ll never know how 臭 he is.
You will also never know how sharp, how scary, how ‘一尖见血’ (one-needle-see-blood), how sarcastic are his speeches!
Yeh, this is the 臭男人 colleague, who is now sitting beside me in the office.
Thanks to him, I guess there are more other colleagues reading my blog now, especially on the post about 千手观音!

I must not expose too much about this fella. I must not, otherwise he’ll use his infamous chinese phrases to tease me. I will not, I will not, don’t worry, CHIN VOON PIN!!!!!

the chou-nan-ren

You know, you’ll really be amaze at special people like this who looks so soft, gentle, quiet and shy yet when they speak, they will just leave you speechless, mouth-open-and-don’t-know-how-to-respond type, just like this… and eventually become like this  once you got to know him longer!

So what did he say about me? 
Not really a lot but very significant ones, at least no people ever ‘dare’ to describe to me like that before, he’s lucky am too old to be small gas, otherwise he should be ignored by Ongki for at least many many weeks…
show you some of his chinese phrases,

贪得无厌 (tam-dak-mou-yim) = greedy
he always say i am greedy, come to think about it, it looks like i am, haha…coz i’ll forever want to have extra, want to join this and that, will never have enough…

肥斯大只 (fei-si-dai-jek) = fat and big size
GE calls me ‘fei mui chai’, Charleo calls me ‘fei poh’, neighbours call me ‘fei mui’, Hunter says I am ‘huge’ and at the age of almost approaching 30, someone says me ‘fei-si-dai-jek’!!!!! I gotta worship him for being so frank and ‘mean’ to me!!!

蠢唔晒 (chun-ng-sai) = is not fully stupid
and because he actually always say I am stupid, there are times when i think i deserve not to be called that way, i will get him to praise or compliments me…but, but…but guess what….he will just say,
‘ok, looks like you are not really fully stupid’ ….

姣婆守唔到寡 (hao-poh-sau-ng-dak-gua) = flirty lady couldn’t keep to be a widow(loosely translated)
…just because I was drinking one or two cups of coffee after few weeks didn’t touch on it!

Haha…ok, enough play play…I would seriously say, he does bring me a lot of laughters and energy in the office, especially after my dearest interns left. Office gone back to the quiet state as it used to be. Too quiet that I have been in sleepy mode for almost everyday the week after the interns left.
Also it could be the effect of taking away the morning coffee in my life.
i have now successfully replaced it with a milo! yahoo!!!! oh yeah, because of this, i bought myself the DKNY Apply perfume as a reward 😀

Okay, back to the colleague, well, I think he is calm, able to analyse things correctly. Also feel that he is kinda picky, on food especially. His complaints never ends!

Going to karaoke with him for the first time, his singing is not bad actually. Really can’t tell by his cover…(his boring face, i mean) 😛 Fell in love with 陳小春’s 獨家記憶 after heard him singing. Not bad…

Well, after so much about colleagues, gotta update a bit on my plan for 2009.
I have finally decided to rent out my condo at Kuchai Lama, hopes to get a reliable tenant and be able to rent out asap.
The reason of not moving in is obvious, well, what for moving in alone, be away from family? further from office? just for … privacy?? I am sure sooner or later, when everyone is busy with their own family, I will have plenty of privacy, (want someone to disturb me also don’t have).
For now, I want to equip and satisfy my desire to gain more knowledge. I will take up a MBA course.
And spend at least 3 years to complete the part time course. I am sure I can do it.

Recently, my feeling of 我命犯天煞孤星, 注定孤独一生 has returned. Although I am scared to be alone, (well, Ongki finally admits that), but I am helpless. I just couldn’t accept anymore relationship, at least for now. No matter if the guy suits me or not, I just don’t feel confidence to let myself fall into the trap anymore. I hate the feeling of being so dependent! I don’t want. I already told 2 guys within a month that, I am sorry, I just don’t want.

Oh, gonna attend Juan’s wedding dinner this Sunday! Sigh…dream comes true? or nightmare comes true??? Anyway, as H said, just give him blessings and stop whining!!!

One thought on “Do not judge a book by it’s cover

  1. Thanks for the honour of allocating some space for me in your blog. Good articles but it’s not perfect. You should put in the exact chinese words for the following “cantonese pin yin” instead.

    fei-si-dai-jek = 肥斯大只
    chun-ng-sai = 蠢唔晒
    hao-poh-sau-ng-dak-gua = 姣婆守唔到寡

    p/s: You are not alone. ( All my ex-colleagues are victims too).

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