Movie #10 with him – Where Got Ghost

Movie #10 with him – Where Got Ghost

#10 Where Got Ghost(Singapore), * 1 star (one of the most pa-lia horror movie, it’s the last story about the ‘mother’ that gains the only star(*)

Got watch ‘Money Not Enough’ or not? This is the same director, Jack Neo’s work.
Erm, it’s a mixture of comedy and horror. Not much horror but it keeps emphasizing on the Singaporean’s Singlish that tickles me and I believe most of the audience.
‘…next time don’t steal my “olen”‘…..adui…

The last story about the three baka son on Money Not Enough appears again, with their mother spirit causing a lot of chaos to them, only to realize at the end that she is indeed blessing them by protecting their health and safety.

He and I both regret chose to watch this over ‘UP’.

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