Movie #11 with him – Tsunami

Movie #11 with him – Tsunami

#11 Tsunami (Korea), *** 3 stars (can be better)

The most expensive movie ever watched so far. At GSC Signature, The Gardens, with his brother.
RM20 per ticket. 3 of us, cost him RM60! for a 3 stars movie! lol

I was kinda dissapointed because I am expecting something more than this. They could have emphasis more on the disaster itself. But it’s not too bad, the mega waves showed on screen did amuse me.
I couldn’t stop myself from imagining the actual disaster that happened at Acheh in 2004.

There were few scenes where I have dropped tears. And I took this opportunity to lie on his chest and silently cried. He didn’t know, but I think he already calmed me. My mind was thinking about An Qi, actually.


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