Movie #12 with him – UP

Movie #12 with him – UP

#12 UP (Cartoon), **** 4 stars (worth my time)

I heard from almost everyone that this movie is good. We have been trying to get ticket few times but was disappointed. This evening however, we made it! Although my mood wasn’t that good, but the movie made me laugh so much. It is very meaningful.
After the movie, we had short discussion, I said, ‘…do not let go off your dream’. I also said, ‘’s not really the ending whether he can fulfill his -crossed-heart promise that matters, it’s the process that means, which explains the scene where Mr.Fred flips the Adventure book and realized his wife puts the lovely pictures of them together. We both agree this is the most touching scene of all.
I learnt this phrase,

Cross One’s Heart – If you say something from the heart or from the bottom of your heart, you sincerely mean what you say.


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