Movie #29 with hubby – Overheard 2 (窃听风云2)

Movie #29 with hubby – Overheard 2 (窃听风云2)

**** 4 stars

We watched Overheard two years back.
I gave it a 4 stars (surprisingly good) and it does continue to impress me and I am still giving a 4 stars for this sequel.

I guess it would be an even more interesting story it i understand more of the buying and selling stocks. I really like the script, as in, how Daniel Wu’s character come up with such a perfect plot for his revenge. And of course, with the strong cast, although I don’t quite convinced of Lau Ching Wan’s wife by Huang Yi. She looks too young. And I actually like Michelle Ye but woman doesn’t has much screen time here. Anyway. good movie really.

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