Movie #44 with hubby & #1 (FIRST) movie with Elise – Taxi! Taxi!

Movie #44 with hubby & #1 (FIRST) movie with Elise – Taxi! Taxi!

** 2 stars

This is our first family movie. Which means we are with Elise. Her first time in the cinema, first time midnight movie.
She was wearing her Disney yellow jacket+hood that we bought from Japan. Feeling warm carrying her throughout the entire movie, she was exceptionally quiet. At the midpoint of the movie, she was looking front and back, especially the lighting from the back, staring…guess she was wondering what was that for, or how it could project such a big TV.

The movie, to me is OK. Acting were a bit exaggerated, in my opinion. Ngan Mei Yan’s acting was a bit fake.
It was however, contains a lot of points that I think both SCH and I should learn from the movie. Failure doesn’t mean failure forever. We must have courage and strength to regain and not to let go of hope.


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