Movie #9 with him – Talentime

Movie #9 with him – Talentime

#9 Talentime (Malaysian), *** 3 stars (i still prefer Sepet)

Talentime, the last movie directed by Yasmin Ahmad, the talented Malaysian director who got all my respect and admiration. This piece of work, as well, gained much of my respect, knowing that the rational of the whole movie is about the difference races of Malaysian and the issues that we all know its existence very well.

Right after the movie began, the screen was showing a school, and he whispered, ‘…looks like my school’, I said, ‘Anderson?’. Yup, it’s his school, at Ipoh.
His feedback on the movie, except his school, is boring…
Well, boredom goes well with artistic 😛 (i don’t mean you are not artistic, dear), just that you are transformer fans, no reason you’ll like slow pace movie like this.

I miss Yasmin, really miss, who else is going to produce this kind of movie that is so real to us????
Talentime has no ending, and no one gonna end it, sob sob sob 🙁

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