Photography Class – Lesson 1

Photography Class – Lesson 1

Introducing my photography sifu, deng deng deng…. Hugo Teng!
Search google, you’ll find some interesting pictures taken by him.
Saw a small bits of his work, its good! Really good!

Today went to his place and he taught me a lot about Aperture, Shutter, ISO, photograhpy techniques etc.
It didn’t take a lot of times as he lectured as if gonna catch a flight soon….quick and straight to the point. But I learnt a great deal, as I am really zero in the real photography world among these professional photographers.
Together with his gf, he then took me to a pond nearby, I fed him with a ‘mee goreng’ + ‘mata kerbau’, and he kept giving me more and more inputs. Hehe…

See, this dull pic of a mee taken by me

And then he showed me a different angle to take these kind of pic,

Me trying myself,

Oh yes, introducing our part time model today, the-sleepy-but-keep-disturbed-by-camera cat.
Taken by Hugo.

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