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Recaps : Ongki in 2009 (I)

Recaps : Ongki in 2009 (I)

:mrgreen: Recaps : Ongki in 2005

Farewell lunch with CIS colleagues

Ongki in 2006

“Runaway from Beijing hostel”

Recaps : Ongki in 2007

At Ipoh, Fu Shan

Recaps : Ongki in 2008


Woohooo….it is 12.11 am at this moment!

1st January 2010 !

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BYE BYE 2009!!!!

Welcome 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009 Resolution Final Update

1) Complete first year MBA – no fails in exam
Done 100% – two modules exam with flying colors result

2) Improve/change lifestyle habits
– Do not lie
– Focus more
– Be decisive
– Less chili, less ice in meal

Done 50% – not applied fully but doing any of these now will cause me to feel guilty. Awareness raised.
Will keep reducing each unhealthy lifestyle and habits for a better Ongki.

3) By October, buy a diamond necklace (double size of previous) with every month’s saving
Done 50% – I indeed bought a bigger diamond but it’s not with monthly saving. Money management still poor.

4) Organize an overseas trip with family
Not done – parent’s don’t want to go due to H1N1 outbreak. Will plan one in coming year instead.

5) Build TravelSoft and impress Cynthia and help their businesses
80% – Built a brand new module fully by myself, started from scratch. A sense of achievement, and what’s more, client using during Matta Fair, am proud of myself! Who cares whether who got impressed or not, lol.


Hey, reread the Mixed fortune…Zodiac guide to Ox year, pretty close to real life,

Generally, it’s a favourable year. You have three big lucky stars but several unlucky stars around you. So you can expect to face some obstacles on the road to success.
Ongki : Yes, it was a significant year. Marked many new beginnings for me.

Career This is the time for you to shine. Two lucky stars smile on your career. You should make significant progress and get promoted. Don’t be over-confident when you have achieved success. The salaried Ram may make more than sufficient money. It’s a good time for investments and new business ventures.
Ongki: Career progressed well. No promotion but great progress. Manager satisfied with my performance.
Just started a new business with friends, started up great.

Love life With the influence of two unlucky stars, the Ram is likely to have arguments with his/her love interest. But you get to know each other better and take your relationship to the next level.
Ongki: Yes, there were arguments with SCH but we now understand each others better.

Health Watch out for signs of increased stress or burn-out. Take a good rest.
Ongki: Worn out, exhausted with full time job, freelance, new business and part time MBA.

Take note: Although you may feel like a superhero, you’re definitely not one. Take precautions, like everyone else.
Ongki: A safe 2009 has passed. What’s next for 2010?

Celebrating 30 years old birthday

A year where i am at the right point to reflect the past and to plan for the future.
Most ppl in their 20’s doesn’t really know what they are doing because what they should be doing is what everyone else doing.
But starting 30yrs old, thats the beginning of your real own journey.
The future is not something your parents will arrange for u.

To others, the next is marriage, motherhood and i guess thats the ‘maturity’ point
To me, i might be ‘late’ as allen often describe me, my mentality is only at the age of 20.
But no one can escape from this kind of society pressure!
I leave this issues to go by nature, depends how it goes.
However, i am in the midst of planning my future.
What do i want to be in the next 10 years?
Before seeing the next 10 years, i see what did i do in the past 10 years.
We must know where are we before we can find the way to where we want to be.
That makes us different from the mice in the Who Moved My Cheese…

In the past, i grab every single opportuniy that comes to me.
I always think, there is no lose to agree, to say yes, to accept and to do almost everything that comes into my interest.
That explain why i have changed seven jobs in my employment history but that also explained the places and ppl i have met in these years.
My friend described that i have some kind of BIG (blessing in disguise).
But it should no longer be this way, and i won’t let it happen, i will take all the responsibility of what is going to happen to me next, starting 2010.

In the next 10 years, i want to own a profitable business.
2010 is the year where i will put this goal into second priority, aside from doing my MBA.
It is also the starting of my accumulating knowledge process, as per boss’s advise.

Recaps : Ongki in 2008

Recaps : Ongki in 2008

Last year’s resolutions and 2008 recaps

At work
1) Do my Eisentech project well, must have confidence, I aim to ask for increment once the project is well done no increment coz project failed

2) Learn from my managers, their capabilities, strategy – i cannot be a turtle, hidden under the shell anymore! – still learning


1) Attend Juan’s graduation this coming May in Sydney and to visit Jun in Melbourne. – failed, they don’t have time to entertain me

2) To achieve 50K before new house is ready to move in – whether to move in is another story
achieved half only, not moving in, rented out

3) Do not be easily mentally affected. – failed

4) Must have a balance and healthy lifestyle – spend time with family, friends and not just playing with the computer failed

5) Keep good health, sleep early, wake up early! failed

6) one last time, NEVER VISIT HIS WEBSITE ANYMORE!!!! Ongki, no one can hurt you except yourself!!!!! Let go!!!!!!!!!!!! definitely failed

Not happy at work, efforts not appreciated.
AY trying to match make me with his wife’s best friend. (horrible)
More wedding news.

A snowy chinese new year in China. Frozen snow covering up the train rail. Ppl can’t go back hometown.
Sent regards to all my friends in China.
A warm CNY I had in Malaysia though. Betting with buddies.
Met cousin and her lovely daughter, beautiful like angel.
Still feeling hurt with the past. Still writing silly post for him.

I demand for appologies. He said SORRY. I sighed. No more excuse for me to linger on.
I am still learning to 放下一个人

– Trip to Perhentian.
– Enjoyed looking at the calm, peaceful sea. Sadly recalled the past but other than that, feeling energized to start on work again.
– Colleague’s trip to HZ, China, made me insane. Thinking about the ppl there.
– Lost myself. Totally couldn’t find back my own soul.

– Got to know that Kimberly is in a relationship. Feeling very moved and glad for her.
– Be friended with Hunter and his gf. Cute guy.
– China biggest earthquake. Sent regards to China friends.
– Sent him email wishing he’s fine and he replied yes.
– Poh Li’s wedding dinner. Everyone said me prettier.

– Started Roystar project, writing a travel agency software.
– Fei’s wedding dinner. Ongki officially the only unmarried and single among UMS housemates.
– Jealous at KS’s EOS 400D.
– Tendered for the first time.
– Boss told me the secret about his HZ encounters. Felt like got slapped, and a voice telling me to wake up and stop living in the past.
– Manager’s wedding. Wore a red dress, look like a 18 years old fatty girl 😛

– MOST SIGNIFICANT EVENT IN MY LIFE, sent him email, saying “Thank you for removing Ongki from your life, thank you for removing you from Ongki’s life.”
– Slowly standing up again.
– Came in a lot of young boys as intern in company. They were whole lots of fun!
– Began to move on, began to laugh.
– Bought my EOS 450D. Still my best darling up to now. 😀
– Wrote about 千手观音. My most infamous blog post up to now, I guess.
– Climbed Crystal Hill, couldn’t believe somewhere in KL has such breathtaking view.

– Beijing Olympic 08 08 2008. Proud of China!!!!
– Played paintball again, with Xeers, and hurt boss on his head. Feeling so guilty.

– Being the happiest ‘lao cha boh’ on earth
– Met a gang of young, energetic, funny, playful interns.

– Birthday month.
– Birthday, nothing special, except being treated like a Princess in XeerSoft.
– Launched first time being a small small boss myself
– Got the key for my new condo, Dynasty Garden

– Tried to involve in Sales activity for the company. Great experience.
– Found myself truly a sales dummy.

– A colleagues called me 肥斯大只 (fei-si-dai-jek). Don’t know angry or happy.
– Juan’s wedding dinner. Been waiting for this day for the past 10++ years and it happened!
– Decided to do MBA in 2009.
– Rented out my nice condo 🙁
– Holiday cum work trip to Taiwan, spending Christmas and New Year in this wonderful and pleasant city.
– Lost my beloved diamond pendant with silver gold necklace during the trip, determined to get a better one next year

Not a very fruitful year, but definitely a significant one.
If 2006 is the turning point of me going uphill and 2007 is the one I’m coming down, I suppose 2008 is the year I was struggling so much to go up again.
Is 2009 the year of me going up again?

That depends on how I plan to succeed it. I have confidence, if I want, I surely can…

resolution 2009

Recaps : Ongki in 2007

Recaps : Ongki in 2007

celebrated New Year in Munich, Germany with Chien Hui and family
– Alyssa is my new friend, I surely wants to go Germany again~ Breathtaking scenery!
– told Chien Hui about him and she told me to be strong

– back to Beijing, the last time being in China before moving back to my home sweet home, Malaysia
– Beijing hostel being broke in, lost many of my CD collections
– quit from CIS, sighed of relief, hope everything would be refreshed again

– jobless, stay at home, being pig
– joined ccy and others to Bangkok for holiday
– it was the best group holiday since….erm, dun remember when was the last!

– started new job in Skali, a bumiputra IT company, with Wilson, ex-colleague in WNS
– an exciting start knowing there are a lot to learn, I did learn a great deal about OOP
– visited the KWSP office, knowing how the data transferred from the system
– being in Skali, I changed my impression on the Malay’s capability

– still in Skali, can’t make it to stay longer because of internal management problem, I’ve got nothing to do, boring like hell
Suet Mui’s wedding
– bought my very first very-expensive-dress-for-me dress. But I like it!
– started to feel unhappy again

– joined XeerSoft, one week of intensive training, met a lot of capable ppl
– the nearest working place i’ve ever had
– a new chapter of my working career

BOUGHT A HOUSE at Kuchai Lama
– 20-07-2007, CY’s R.O.M
– sister announced news of marriage
– mom trying to match make me with a pan mee boy 😐
– still feeling very unhappy

– the hardest month of the year, tired of crying
– suspect I am mentally ill
– decided to stop blogging

Sep (42K more to 50K)
– sister postponed wedding, because of xxx
– whole family sad
– reopened, i blog because i blog, not because anyone else

Oct (40K more to 50K)
– celebrated birthday with buddies, went Feeling, Hailo
– ah yat bought me a “chinese bun”
– the last birthday wish I got from him

Nov (38K more to 50K)
– company trip to A Famosa, Malacca
– first time playing paintball, damn exciting
– my last time wishing him happy birthday
– less coding, more project management works
Mathew & Mai Har’s wedding, less excited than I expect it to be, but still glad seeing them walking hand in hand for the rest of their life
Kenson Koh’s wedding, the best wedding dinner I’ve ever attend so far

Dec (36K more to 50K)
– addicted to WII, the Nintendo game, played a lot
– getting pressure at work, a very challenging, new and exciting task
one of my best gal, Chee Yan’s wedding
– won RM200 from lottery, for Chee Yan’s new car plate number, 1612
– Peng Siang’s wedding, first time being in Alor Setar with another 4 big-man, squeezed in the same car

Erm, nothing much I could recall from the year of 2007 actually. I don’t remember much except tears, tears and still tears!
In the future, if possible, I don’t want to remember this year at all.
If i can use a graph to represent, I think the peak of my life should be in 2006, but it dropped tremendously in the year of 2007.
2006 is like, living in fairy tales, everything were not lasting…my whole life upside down.
2007 is just the process of switching things back to the original.
It’s painful. Love life left a big wound, career moved back to Malaysia, no longer travel for work, gaining back my kg(s) 🙁
But looking back, its all anger, sadness, and the worst thing is, I realised I really got old! Moreover got old without anything worth of my precious age!!!!
Approaching 30s, gal at my age, should have been a mother of at least a steady partner or got married like most of my friends do.
And what did I achieve???
Funny, still a blur, emotional Ongki.

But anyway, being travelled to Alor Setar to witness PS’s wedding at the end of the year, I know what should I do in 2008.
Seeing PS laughing so cheerfully, I think I remember how I used to be happy-go-lucky and laugh as silly as he do now.
Then, looking at the ppl around me like Scott, GE, WB…I feel warm. I told GE, “I’ve got so many friends, it doesn’t worth it”.

Hey, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 1.04am of 1st Jan, 2008!

The coming new year, I want to start living my life to the fullest, of course, history told me that, not all things come smooth, there must be hiccups here and there.
So I am telling myself, I must learn and practise how to achieve a good mental to cope and to strike!

At work
1) Do my Eisentech project well, must have confidence, I aim to ask for increment once the project is well done
2) Learn from my managers, their capabilities, strategy – i cannot be a turtle, hidden under the shell anymore!

1) Attend Juan’s graduation this coming May in Sydney and to visit Jun in Melbourne.
2) To achieve 50K before new house is ready to move in – whether to move in is another story 😀
3) Do not be easily mentally affected.
4) Must have a balance and healthy lifestyle – spend time with family, friends and not just playing with the computer
5) Keep good health, sleep early, wake up early!
6) one last time, NEVER VISIT HIS WEBSITE ANYMORE!!!! Ongki, no one can hurt you except yourself!!!!! Let go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recaps : Ongki in 2005

Recaps : Ongki in 2005

– still with NZ.MY
– was in good term with IV and YP.
– We played In-Between, somewhere around CNY. I was very unlucky, lose some money.

– Two days before 1st day of CNY, gathered at AY’s house.
– There were AY, CKY, CCY, MS and I. We played blackjack. Won a David Tao’s CD. AY the big loser.

– Third day of CNY, visited Ipoh. Drove my Avanza, with WB and GE.
– Met HL and stayed at his godparents house. HL family was there too.
– They were celebrating his godmom’s birthday. Almost met his whole family.
– We got to meet others coursemates like AChoy and LS, NC and BH (the first and last time meeting her mom), MA and MH and lastly SC.

– At night, we went to a pub, chit chat and played some games to ‘finish’ up the alcohol.
– CY and I both drunk. She even fell down by the roadside 🙁
– I was very unhappy with her presence, they did flirt with each other. I was unhappy and mad but no way to release. I cried…and at the same time, I recalled AD. I think I hate Ipoh.
– I was tired of crying, HL pat on my shoulder and he even did something which I think is quite warm…brotherly act…nothing more than that, just that it’s my first time.
– The last night, before returned to KL, went K with CY’s friends, it was the most torturing night for me. I was hoping to return KL asap. But the fact is nobody realised what was wrong with me.

– angry with her. did not answer her call. i was mad.
– she did what promised. sent bouquet of *teddy bears* to my office.
– i was not at all happy. anger covered my heart, brain and eyes. (i couldn’t believe i did that!!)
– I chased my friend away. 🙁

I blame no one but myself. But at the same time, I couldnt control the bottom of my heart to hate them.

– the birth of WLJ 8411.
– the first phase of the “chi9sin” disaster, but survived it.

– started to find a way to “run”.
I promise this is the ending of all…

– it was just the beginning!

– joined CIS at TPM, a very different environment where all colleagues communicate in Mandarin.

– the sickness of “chi9sin” spreaded from heart, to brain and destroyed thinking system.
– the last phase of the sickness and “certified” as well.
– “chi9sin” = fall for a guy, try to stay away from him but he said he needs u but only as friend, then he angry cox u still chose to go, but when u realised u dun wish to end the friendship, he said NO and turn around to go after your best friend whom u confided in when u were sad.
– the consequence? after work, went to Taman Tasik Permaisuri, felt the feeling of coldness, under the rain for more than 2 hours.
– will never forget the Malay guy who seems to worry so much about my safety, that he accompanied until i finally agreed to go home.

I am lost

– 4th – BL gave birth to a boy, Eugene.
– defined GHOST
– was totally dissapointed with him.

– the job at CIS was the bussiest ever.
– stationed at CNI. Travelled all the way to Shah Alam every morning.
– worse still, gotta fetch the china guys after they shifted to The Summit, every morning.

– got really close to Sky, Doris, Eunice, David…almost everybody in the CNI office.
– it was like war everyday. work from morning till midnight.
– almost lost all of my friends who called to ask me out and i can only respons by saying i gotta work, even on Sat and Sun.
– 18th – Li San wedding. Spent a lot to get good dress, shoes, makeup, hairdo…everyone were surprised to see me no longer the fatty Ongki.
– glad to see LS happily got married.

– got offer from Insync, SG.
– decided to go
– was offered by MsHeng to go China at that time, but i still chose SG

– first time in SG. was proud of myself. never been this *strong* before.
– settled everything in SG by myself, but of course, there were aunt and chenyee who helped a bit here and there.

– Was going all fine in SG. Good job, good boss…
– Until the news about mom admitted to hospital for operation on her broken leg.
– Two weeks after, even dad was sicked and admitted to hospital too.
– i was very angry with Sabina, told her that my dad was tired taking care of her kids, but still, nothing she can or want to do.
– not bad enough, the same day, at night, brother’s turn to hospital, involved in accident.
– was worry and keep thinking what’s wrong with my family.
– luckily sister and engkian was there safely, and take care of the family.
– 17th – Huey Jia wedding. The most enjoyable, yet tiring.

– physical sickness will soon be cured, but mentally sick is dangerous.
– father was behaving strange, even mom were shocked.
– he quarrelled with mom, keep talking about he’s *going* soon and said he prepared everything good enough. said he’s tired working…complaint mom only asking for $$$.
– his words were really cruel, stabbed into my heart.
– even sold my Avanza.
– 22nd – my birthday, wai leng’s wedding.

– father got well.
– 26th – AiBoon wedding. Bought a Daniel Yam dress at S$125. The most expensive dress I’ve ever bought in my life.

– 11th – Chilam and Charmaine in KL to promote Astro Awards.
– the happiest day ever.
– Doris invited me to rejoin CIS and based in Beijing.
– After struggling for about a week, i agreed.

It was a tiring and exciting year.
Family, career, relationship…all changed.

Best Friend of 2005 : LS
Worst Friend of 2005 : GE

Best Company of 2005 : CIS
Worst Company of 2005 : CIS

Best Wedding of 2005 : AB’s
Best Bride of 2005 : HJ
Best Groom of 2005 : AB’s

Ongki Best Dress of 2005 : Daniel Yam, from SG

Best City of 2005 : Singapore
Worst City of 2005 : KL