What Will I Do

What Will I Do

At week 37th, counting down to the birth of my lil Elise. How to describe my feeling?
I’m in love….in love with my baby, can’t wait to see hold her, touch her and love her…

Artist: Natalie Burks
Song Title: What Will I Do

I’m not really sure of the words to say
If only you knew that I feel this way
I wanna give my heart to you
Show me the way that you want me to

I know for sure there’s a place for us
I’m counting the days till I feel your touch
You come to me when I dream at night
When I’m with you it will be so right

If you could see the love in my eyes
You should know that I’m on your side

Ohh ohh ohh
I’d be yours
You’d be mine
Ohh what will I do

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